Top shopping malls in Kathmandu

We have gathered for you the list of the top and best shopping malls in Kathmandu city. You’re familiar to City Center, Bhat Bhateni Supermarket and so on, but there are several other malls that you have yet to discover!

Kathmandu has a variety of shopping outlets for the general public. Such shopping malls have a selection of large shops dedicated to retail groceries, child wear, adult wear, shoes, bags, electronics, movie halls, entertainment Medias, food courts, game courts, makeup stores and many more. There are also several shops for the same categories in order to let the customers chose their preferences from many shops. The shops are all mostly branded and have a valid authorized form for selling goods and services from the government. These shopping malls even facilitate the customers with parking spaces (paid or unpaid differs).

Below are the top and best shopping malls located in Kathmandu.