Total Physical Fitness Center

People’s consciousness towards physical fitness has grown highly recently and for some, it has also taken a form of obsession. Physical fitness has not only remained limited to the active and healthy body but has also become a style statement and the trend of keeping a perfectly fine (shape) body. While some people can have well structured body with little exercise, others have to work out hard. Due to high rise of people, especially males, trying to achieve a perfect body structure and shape, numerous fitness centers and gyms are being established. One among many is Total Physical Fitness Center.

Situated at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Total Physical Fitness Center is an ideal place for those who want to gain quality muscle mass to their physique quickly, safely and naturally without gaining a lot of body fat. The training program started here was developed after years of brainstorming and practice. The training goes on seven days a week, with different classes conducted each day. One Monday, Flex and Tone, Weight loss camp and Co-ed boxing classes are conducted while on Tuesday, Burns and abs are practiced. Wednesday sees spinning class with Thursday allocated for kick boxing. On Friday, a class on Step and Tone is conducted while Saturday focuses on Cardio with Sunday being focused on Yoga.


The training provided here is different than what traditional beliefs and ways of getting fit meant and required. The qualified and experienced instructors train and observe the students (trainees) while they teach them the right way of gaining quality muscle mass and a perfectly structured body. Physical fitness usually consists of two concepts that are general fitness which is the state of health and well-being and specific fitness which is determined by a task-oriented definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations. Usually, physical fitness is the result of exercise, correct nutrition and enough rest, however, to achieve a perfectly structured body, a little more than a little exercise is required. Correct and expert advices are to be followed while trying to shape the body into a perfect structure with the right amount of muscle being stored at the right places. Else, the body, instead of looking fit and healthy might look obese. Whether you want to get that perfect body like some actors you saw on the movies or simply want to stay fit and need a regular routine exercise, Total Physical Fitness Center might be an option to check out. For further details, contact:

Total Physical Fitness Center
PO Box: 8973-NPC 242 New Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4492947