The trend setter

Executive chairman of Neo Rise Nepal Pvt Ltd, Prakash Sharma believes in setting trends rather than following it. He graduated in humanities from India in the year 1005 and pursued Bachelors in Arts in Nepal the following year. He started working as a marketing assistant at Casino Rad of Radisson Hotel in 2006. However, he was more active and involved into organizing freelance events rather than being confined to his regular tasks during his tenure.

He slowly stepped into the world of music videos and TV commercials production. He went to the UK to pursue Masters Degree in administration from Middlesex University in the beginning of the year 2010. Then, after completing his Masters, he went to India for internship and joined The Smart Cube, a knowledge process out sourcing company, and worked there for around six months. He wanted to come to Nepal to start his own venture, though he was offered a handsome salary from the company. Once back home, he joined the Nepal Investment Bank as an intern for a month in the beginning of 2012, in order to get acquainted with the existing practice of human resources in Nepal, and then, shifted to Commerce and Trust Bank as an employee, but again quit after a month and a half.

prakash sharma

With all the experiences he had gathered, he stepped into the HR Services business in February 2012. The scope of HR management is very high and nowadays, people are being aware about the need of proper HR services. He sees HR as a bridge between the employer and employees rather than just a department of an organization. His company, being at an initial stage, is providing services like recruitment, selection and team building to their clients. They also plan to introduce a complete HR package for corporate houses in future. His company is operational in the field of human resource, event management and production of music videos and television commercials. Sharma, who believes in setting trends rather than following them, states that the main objective of a HR service is to put the right person in the right job.