Trishuli River for ultimate rafting and kayaking

One of the most popular rafting destinations in Nepal, Trishuli is easily assessable from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Located in central Nepal, this 141 km long river is best known for the white water rafting it offers. Although the duration of the rafting is short, it is one of the most memorable experiences which could be lived during the month of October to May. The trip popular among the immediate kayakers takes you through the impressive gorges, scenic valleys and exhilarating white water rapids. The rafting trip to Trishuli makes a perfect trip for the first timers as well as the experienced ones.

There is an interesting legend connected behind the origin of the river. According to the legend, the river was created by Lord Shiva while driving his trident (Trishul, in Nepali) on the hill just above the Gosainkunda Lake. It is said that the river was created by the Lord to get cool rest from the three springs and as he used his Trishul for the purpose, the river was named Trishuli.


The colorful birds including eagles and vulture, crocodiles and rhinos lazing around the river banks towards the Chitwan National Park accompany the rafters as they pass along the wonderful valleys and gorges during their rafting campaign.

Some of the America’s top expedition boaters have kayaked in the river from the Tibetan border to Betrawati, where the river is only 85 cusecs unlike its size of 300 near Mugling. It is an ultimate fun as well as short trip for rafters as well as kayakers that takes only two days of their times. Hence, it is an ideal place for those who want to experience the thrill of rafting and kayaking but have limited time with them. One could also include a visit to the Chitwan National Park in this trip and enjoy the experience of elephant safaris as well as the traditional Tharu dances offered there.