Tushita restaurant

Serving from many different cuisines, Tushita is an eatery with traditional architecture. The service of the place is commendable while its ambiance is almost perfect. Inside a traditional architecture flanked by huge glass windows and an interesting entrance, the place has a segregated formal dining area looking over the road and a relaxed mezzanine with high ceiling that looks over a lush garden outside with the floor seating right at the entrance and a dining section below the stairs. The place is well furnished and has a warm ambiance.

The menu, however, is a bizarre as the cuisines are misplaced are there are some major flaws with the categorization in it calling for a professional help. The masala tea that comes with a mild hint of herbs and spices is served a small pot that serves three and is great for the cooler evenings. Larger than usual sized meat balls found around, they are done in a mix of flour and minced chicken and have a very mild taste with slight hints of ginger and garlic. The spices are well balanced with the chicken choila to give it a taste that is palatable to everyone.


The ginger chicken coming with the portions of aromatic rice is a good option for the main course. The gravy abounding in greens and herbs is balanced perfectly and the aroma and juice of the rhizome are complemented by hints of ground coriander and adequate soy sauce. Tushita chicken, the specialty chicken dish named after the restaurant, is another interesting food with a hunk stuffed with condiments and herbs and covered in a mildly spiced batter. It comes with a tangy dip served with greens and an adequate portion of fries to make up for the regular taste of chicken in batter.

Located in Lazimpat, close to Shangri-la, Tushita has a relaxing atmosphere and is a good place to visit during the early afternoon. If you need a place to work on your laptops or read books over the cups of tea, its cozy atmosphere and snug cane chairs serves you the purpose.