Types of holidays in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with its rich natural, cultural and religious heritages. It is also one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world as one can have maximum fun and an experience of a lifetime at half the price they pay in other countries. Although a developing country, Nepal is way ahead when it comes to cultural, natural and religious entities. It is one of the ideal holiday destinations in the world. There are various types of holidays one can plan while they make up their mind to visit this exotic country.

Some of the types of holidays to be planned in Nepal are as follows:


Considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, one of the ideal types of holiday in Nepal could be spent sightseeing. Its natural as well as cultural beauty would always tempt the person to ask for more. One could never get enough of those magnificent views of the snow-capped Himalayas, green and dense forests, wide plain paddy fields and the free flowing wild rivers not to mention the wonderful and artistic structures and monuments standing proudly for generations now.

Learning and research

Nepal is one of the best place for learning new culture, language or way of life. Not only religious and cultural, one could also gain spiritual knowledge and meditation while they stay in Nepal. Nepal is also known as the land of mysteries and there are various secrets and myths in Nepal which would rather be interesting to learn for people belonging to every culture, religion or race.

Religious and spiritual holiday

One could also plan religious and spiritual holidays in Nepal. Nepal is also considered to be the land of Gods and goddesses. The numerous temples around the country, each holding a myth and legend behind its origin and existence, definitely provide an excuse for the religious pilgrims to visit Nepal at least once in their lifetime.

The various monasteries and centers of learning in and around Kathmandu as well as other parts of Nepal enlighten you on the various religious aspects, be it regarding Hinduism or Buddhism, the various courses and philosophy classes provides an understanding on the spiritual side of the religion and the world.

Adventure holidays

Adventure holidays include enjoying all the adventurous sports that Nepal has to offer. From trekking to mountaineering to mountain biking to boating to jungle safari to paragliding to the world’s second highest bungee jumping, you name it, and you can indulge yourself in one or all of these adventurous sports with lesser price than you would imagine, only in Nepal.

Family holidays

Nepal is an ideal place to spend time with your family and share some of the happiest moments of your life with your family as family are prioritized in Nepal. Also, the kids are everyone’s favorite around here and almost everyone has a soft spot for the kids, no matter if it’s a relative or a stranger. So, it is safer to travel with your kids here and also living amidst the Nepali family might help you teach the importance of family and family values to your kids.

Historical tours

Nepal is rich not only in legends and myths but also live histories created and lived by some of the greatest heroes of Nepal. There are many historical monuments, structures and palaces depicting the history of Nepal. Also, many books on the history of Nepal could be found. It is an interesting topic to discuss and those sites are worth a visit.

Yoga and Meditation retreats

Various religious teachers and spiritual leaders give classes on meditation here in Nepal. The peaceful environment of the monasteries and gombas makes it an ideal place for meditation. Also, trained and expert instructors give you world class healing services and even classes for learning those arts of healing.


One could also come to Nepal as a volunteer for various social services and organizations around the country, be it in urban areas or rural. You could also work as a volunteer in a local school or health posts (if you are related to the field). Also, volunteering awareness programs are helpful in country like Nepal where people suffer more due to lack of awareness than carelessness.

Experience life in/of Nepal

You could also plan a holiday where you could go for a home-stay at the rural areas of Nepal. This would help you learn how hard the lives of the people living in the rural areas of Nepal are and despite their problems and troubles, they know how to enjoy even the smallest of happiness in their lives. You could also plan a vacation during certain festivals so you can observe the cultural heritage of the country and how beautifully the celebration takes place.