Ultra Solar Energy

Established in the year 2007 AD at Naikap, Kathmandu as a pioneer designer, developer and distributor of modern technology of Solar Power Solutions, Ultra Solar Energy and St. Engineering was established with the mission of becoming a dominant player in installation of clean energy in Nepal. The company aspires to combat the climate change through the development and manufacturing of high quality solar-related electronics for sustainability and industrial development.

The company that aims to generate profit along with creating job for the unemployed and servicing its customer by taking it as a top most priority, thrives to present a basic standard of living and to introduce a new level of safety that was never thought possible without electricity. The company offers its technology to anyone who wants to save the environment along with high quality customer service to their individual needs. The company has its own corporate office, warehouse, factory and assembling center at Naikap.


The company working as the market leader in introducing, manufacturing and promoting latest solar technologies for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes is staffed with experienced and qualified team of professionals who are committed and dedicated towards achieving the company goal. Dedicated towards the development and promotion of energy efficient technologies and solutions for local, commercial and industrial applications, the company has an expertise in research and development, prototype development, test installation and commissioning of solar energy technology along with Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) for thermal and electric power supply, water heating including steam production, solar drying and space heating suitable to all regions including the freezing prone areas.

The company that represents the renowned brand of Solar Lighting Systems deals with the solar water heating system and is the number company in vacuum tube and conventional system. With its effective market policy in terms of service and quality, the company has been able to win the trust of the customers which has made it one of the leading solar power service providers in the country. The company envisions helping to create a more suitable future for the planet and its inhabitants and through its works, it attempts to influence people’s perception and behaviors towards energy efficiency and use of natural, sustainable methods of energy production and urbanization.

The company with the goal of providing complete customer satisfaction, good quality and best service has the objectives of timely fulfillment of pre-quoted commitment to the clients, encouraging the customer to visit the showroom in person to avail up to date technical knowledge and information about the product, providing after sales service of all its products through highly qualified technicians for the benefit of the customers, opening more outlets and associates within the country to provide easy access of products to the customers, conserving electricity and reducing greenhouse emission by promoting alternative energy, reaching all across the country by promoting its products and offering at reasonable prices, creating employment opportunity to the qualified personnel and providing training to the under skilled laymen and improving the quality of life of rural household through renewable energy technology and serving the national through regular submission of revenues in terms of taxes, vat, etc.

The company has been offering products and services under its Solar Power Backup System and Solar Water heating System categories from its outlets across the countries for the convenience of the customers. For further details, contact:

Ultra Solar Energy
Naikap- 6, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4316070/ 4313398
Email: solar@ultragroup.com.np
Website: www.ultragroup.com.np