Unique Finance Limited

Update: The finance company was acquired by Civil Bank Limited in 2017.

Established as a ‘C’ class financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank on 9 October, 2007, Unique Finance Limited was incorporated in order to provide best financing services to all people, firms, industries, corporations of the society. This newly established company is promoted by local businessmen, doctors, engineers and banker with unprecedented success in their respective professions and high social standing is located at New Plaza in Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Abiding by its motto “to provide safe, seamless, quick and advance banking services”, the company is committed to meet the financial needs of its customers and exceed their expectations through innovative solutions. It also uses contemporary banking technologies for its operation. The central office of the company is located at Putalisadak, in its own building with its own underground parking lot that makes it easy for the clients and customers coming here in search of the solutions to their banking and financial issues. The finance company with the authorized capital of Rs 400 million, issued capital of Rs 200 million and paid up capital of Rs 200 million has its sixty percent shares under control of its promoters and other forty in the hands of the general public.

unique finance

The major mission of the finance company is to deliver quality banking and to ensure stakeholder satisfaction in true meaning of the word. The company aims to achieve excellence in financial service, by providing best financial products to all categories of people for their progress and economic development of the county and to become the pioneer in the financial community committed to economic development of the society.

To meet its aims and objectives, the company has brought various products and services on offer such as Share Dhani Bachat, Unique Privilege Saving, Normal Saving, Mero Bachat, Chimekee Saving Account, Unique Super Saving, Unique Demand Deposit and Fixed Deposit under its deposit and saving account schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Housing Loan, Real Estate Loan, Education Loan, Industrial Loan, Trading Loan, Share Loan, Personal Loan, Deprived Sector Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit and Consortium Loan under its loan and advance schemes. Besides these, Unique Finance Limited also provides other services such as SMS Banking, Remittance, Clearing House, Merchant Banking and Bank Guarantee.

The company was acquired by Civil Bank Limited along with Hama Merchant and Finance Limited in 2017.