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Since the very beginning of the establishment of education and literacy in the world, books have always been a wonderful companion to the people. There are numerous books available on various genres and fields which cater to the requirement and desire of the readers. Reading book as a hobby is prevalent all across the world and Nepal, too, is not an exception. There are various small and big bookstores all over the country that offers books on almost all genres available and known to the world. Be it encyclopedia, fiction, religion, non-fiction, biographies, romance, spiritual learning, etc. books have always been one of the best medium to communicate between the authors and the readers. Among the numerous bookstores in Kathmandu, Vajra Book Shop is one of the most popular bookstores in the city.

Established by Bidur Dangol who has experience of working in the book industry for over twenty six year and has vast knowledge of books and the requirements of his clients, Vajra Books Shop offers almost every genre of book that you can find. Dangol is the director of Shangri-La Maps along with being the proprietor of Vajra Books and he also operates his own publishing business going by the name of Vajra Publication. The publication tries to provide quality service at as low price as possible without causing loss to the publication house.

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Vajra Book Shop offers all kinds of books, from tourist guides and information books to research books for scientific and academic works at competitive prices. Moreover, the store’s selection of books on Nepal and Tibet cover all aspects such as art, religion, ethnic and indigenous community, food, handicrafts, nature and culture among others. The store also has many books on trekking, rafting, mountaineering and wildlife of Nepal, Tibet and other countries. Along with the books, the store also offers Shangri-La Maps to the customers and readers.

Although the book store is based in Nepal, Vajra Books answers to trade enquiries for books and maps from all over the world and also provide trade discounts to traders and bulk buyers. Whatever book you need for whatever reason, Vajra Book Shop is one destination that can provide you with all kinds of books, guides and maps that your need and require. Some of the genres and types of books available at the store are Art and the Architecture, Bon Studies, Book on Dalai Lama, Books in French and Italian, Books on Nepal, Books on Tantra, Buddhism, Cinnabaries Series, Iconography Buddhist and Hindu, Liri Publication, Nepalese Fictions, NRC Publication, Religion, Shamanism, Shangri-La Maps, Tibet and Tibetan Studies, Tibetan Art and History, Tibetan Dictionary and Language Books among others. The store also has one branch in the USA.

Orders for the books are taken online as well and you can choose to buy book at the store or pay online through Paypal. For further details, contact:

Vajra Books and Vajra Publication
Jyatha, Thamel, PO Box: 21779
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel/ Fax: +977-1-4220562/ 4233639/ 4246536
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