Vet for Your Pet

Vet for Your Pet is a small but a well facilitated clinic situated at Gapali in Suryabinayak, just two minutes from the Arniko highway. Standing as a humble start for big dreams, this small clinic is started by Dr. Pranav R Joshi on the ground floor of his house. For being a avid dog-lover and also one of the very few certified canine-practitioners in the country, Dr. Joshi takes his profession as a way to serve the society rather than being just a income generating activity.

Specializing in the advanced medical and surgical facilities, the services provided at Vet for Your Pet include general check-ups, medical diagnosis, surgery and consultation. Moreover, they provide home services and have boarding and grooming facilities as well.

The dedication of the doctor to his work and his love for the animals is one of the major reasons for the successful functioning of the clinic. The clinic also differs from other clinics in the sense that unlike in others, the owner here is a certified practitioner who is very involved in his work and who loves every moment spent in his work. And also, the fact that the clinic uses a portion of its profit along with the donations in the treatment of the street dogs makes the clinic different and better that that of others.

He himself has adopted 17 dogs out of which some were from the streets and some were abandoned by others. They make an attempt to treat the street dogs around the community every year with vaccination, grooming and also surgery if needed. He does not believe in rearing dogs as a status show or even rearing an exotic breed of dogs rather he believes that a dog is a dog, a loyal companion who always stands beside the owner no matter where they live or go. A dog does not judge a person for his status but stays along with them for the love they receive and give. Hence, having a doctor who understands and loves your dog is a plus point when you decide to treat your dog or take them to a vet. So, if you have any issue regarding dogs and related problems or if you need any type of consultation Vet for Your Pet is the place to visit.