The Village Café

The Village Café, located at Pulchowk next to Laxmi Bank is a small restaurant with the shade of green and an iron gate that has Mithila art painted all over it. However, it usually goes unnoticed while you walk past it. Another interesting feature that goes unnoticed is the fact that there are no walls. There are life sized paintings on posters that go halfway around the tin-roofed tent, making it the only thing keeping you safe from the heat of sun and the winter cold. There are three wrought iron furniture pieces that give a classy touch to the otherwise rustic theme of the restaurant and the use of the minimal lights make the area look cozy and private.


A wisely decorated arch with dried corns, pumpkins and a lot of traditional cooking utensils separates the seating area from the two tables placed in the lawn. Although the lawn makes a great place to relax, sitting there during the winter evenings is not advised. There is also an interesting connection between the place and the food offered on the menu. The menu complements the rustic theme of the place with the traditional Newari cuisines, from bara to aalutama to yomari offered in it.

Keeping in mind the festival of Yomari Punhi, the restaurant had introduced a new variety of yomari named as chocolate yomari. The soft and smooth dough with chocolate fillings inside that melted in mouth was an excellent and successful experiment they had done with the cuisine. Besides this, the other cuisines offered in their menu are equally delicious keeping up with the traditional outlook and ambience of the restaurant. The Village Café in Pulchowk deserves a visit if you want to try a traditional Newari cuisine in a traditional environment.