VJ turned model Suzta Shrestha

Suzta Shrestha started her career as a music video model with her debut video Samjiney Chau by Nitin Thapa. She has also worked in a designer contest to help Nepalese garments grow. This kind hearted and bubbly personality is a well known face in television and fashion industry. After completing her bachelor’s, she decided utilizing her free time doing something that held her passion and interest and when her brother’s friend Shahil dai approached him for a photo shoot, she agreed. Later she tried on TV and it was only in her second attempt that she got though, since then there has been no looking back.

suzta shrestha

A VJ and a producer in Nepal 1 television, she first started her career with recorded shows and now she runs a live show Hello Nepal and has won herself a huge fan following. According to her, the best thing about being a VJ is the power you have to spread your information quickly and to be connected with people and their views via fan mails but the worst part is that although you could get recognition, you do not have enough money to buy yourself expensive items. Although she never had any formal training on either VJ-ing or acting, she has got good reviews regarding her acting. Interested in acting and VJ-ing since childhood, she would stand in front of her and practice. Although being a VJ is a piece of cake for her as it is as simple as being herself in front of the camera, she finds acting quite difficult as you have to show your emotions based on script and situation and should be able to portray various feelings onscreen.

She is not certain about doing any more videos although her first video went well. Interested in love marriage more than arrange, she loves to hang out with her best friend and/or her siblings.