Ways to prepare Chauchau for snack

Chauchau or the instant noodle is one of the most popular snacks in Nepal among school going children to office goers. Chauchau is found in almost every shops, hotels and cafes and there are also many ways to prepare chauchau for snacks.

These instant noodles are ready to eat, which makes it able of eating raw. You can add the seasoning it has inside the packet to it, simply eat it plain if you do not want to cook it. Another method is to prepare ‘sandheko chauchau’. For this purpose, you will need a packet of chauchau, chopped onion, potatoes boiled and chopped (preferable), chopped tomatoes, chopped green chilies, salt, lemon and cooking oil. First of all, open the packet and pour the chauchau into a large mixing bowl. Then, put the seasoning that are inside chauchau packets into the bowl and add salt, chopped onions, tomatoes and potatoes to it. Then, add cooking oil and squeeze the lemon mixing it thoroughly. Serve the sandheko chauchau instantly.

chau chau

Another method to serve chauchau as a snack is to make its soup. For this purpose, turn on the gas stove and put water in a pan to boil. Make sure the water isn’t too much or too less, for a packet of chauchau, you can use one and half cup of water. Add some salt to it and let it boil. When the water is boiled, add the chauchau into it along with the seasoning and keep it covered for two minutes turning off the heat. After two minutes, serve your chauchau hot.

Chauchau can also be prepared in the way we prepare noodles or chowmin. For this, first boil the whole chauchau without breaking it and when it is boiled, mix it with the fried vegetables, chopped French bears, potato, tomato, onion, fresh green peas, capsicum and green chilies. When done, garnish it with coriander leafs and serve hot.