Young Entrepreneur Avisekh Agrawal

Avisekh Agrawal, the founder of the brand named ‘Harmony’, is a young, talented, and enthusiastic businessman who with the new tactics took his family business to a new height. One who, in fact, he was unaware of the business before now runs a clothing center owned by his family. He gave rise to a new brand ‘Harmony’ which stands as one of the most preferred and largest selling domestic bed-clothing brand enjoying around 40% of local market share in Nepal.

To run his family business, he had to interrupt his studies in the midway (he was doing BBS) in 2004, however, he proved his talent in the business without completion of his degree. Now, Harmony has created a decade long history with 50 outlets within the valley and 50 more outlets in the major cities of the country. From his point of view, Kathmandu is getting more conscious towards the quality and he believes his business would get a better scope in coming days.


Although there is a tough competition in the market, everyone being aware of creating new quality of products, his brand is the first Nepali brand manufacturer to distribute the products on large scale. His product includes pillows, bed sheets cushions, quilts and others offered at affordable price with the quality to compete in the international market. With his new ideas and views, he wants to take his brand to a new height by exporting some products of Harmony to international markets and also adding a new product with feather stuffing.

Although, he was young enough to handle the business, with his great dedication, sincerity, innovation and practicability (the four pillars behind the success of any business according to his view), he proved himself to be one of the successful businessmen of our country. At present, he is planning to expand his business by opening more showrooms inside and outside the valley. He is now experienced well to handle all these stuffs because he has faith, confidence and talent which are essential to be successful.