Zaika for cozy weekends

A warm and cozy place to relax with your friends on your day off, Zaika is not just a restaurant. You can relax here with your friends on weekends or have a chat over a light snack or a drink or two. Also there are different seating areas to serve the purpose and needs of different clients. Whether you are here to have a drink or two with your friends or hookah and some kebabs, you will find the perfect sitting area according to your need and purpose of visit.


The ambience of the place is pub-like with the hints of Nepali artistry and is popular among the youth as well as the visiting tourists in Kathmandu. The friendly service and the warm and smiling staffs are one of the major attractions of the place to keep their customers coming back here. Above that, the owner Prakash N. Rana, a food lover, even cooks some of the food himself. The menu here offers a good combination of local as well as international dishes with its focus being on traditional Nepali cuisine. Some of the popular Nepali snacks on the menu are Momo, Buff Kothey, Aalu Sandeko, pakodas, kebabs and other delicacies to enjoy with friends include pizzas and sandwiches. It also offers a selection of Indian and Chinese specialties targeting the immediate neighboring countries that generally send most of the tourists to Nepal, especially to Thamel. The steaming Palak Paneer with rotis and Chicken Reshmi Kebabs give the Indian feel while Chopsuey with a bowl of hot chicken soup and fried rice and Manchurian gravy give an essence of China.

What more? You can also make your own pizza by choosing the toppings and sandwiches with your own choice of fillings. These two choices are very popular in Zaika as it gives the customers freedom to decide what they want and as many choices as they prefer. Zaika is a popular hangout spot for meeting friends and spending a quite chatty weekend with your friends at a homey environment away from home.