Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a protected area in the Terai region which take over the surface area of 69 square meters of three districts i.e. Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur.


This wildlife reserve was established in the year 1976 and it involves mudfleats, reed birds and freshwater marshes in the floodplain of Sapta Koshi river. Due to this reason, this area suffers massive flooding due to Sapta Koshi during the rainy season.


Vegetation of this place is characterised by mixed deciduous riverine forest, grasslands and marshy vegetation. Sisso dominates the forests. 514 species of plants can be found in the wetlands.


While mentioning fauna, we can say that this place is favourable for reptiles and amphibians as two species of toad, nine species of frog, eleven species of turtle, six lizard species, five species of snake and 200 species of fish are found in the water courses. Gharials and Mugger crocodile are also found here.


Among the mammals, 31 species take shelter here. Some of them are the Asian elephant, spotted deer, hog deer, Golden jackal, Wild Asian Water Buffalo, etc.


Similarly, birds like Watercock, Indian night jar, Dusky eagle owl, Black headed cuckooshrike, Common Golden eye, Gull billed fern. In total, 485 species of birds are found here.