Big Cinemas, the ultimate movie experience

Wide screen, comfortable seats, enough space to keep your feet comfortably, digital surround sound, snacks to munch and a glass of Pepsi to sip to quench your thirst now and again. Everyone must have gotten the idea of what I just described here. Yes! I am talking about watching a movie in a cinema hall. If you want to live this experience then your wish will be granted here at Big Cinemas.

Situated on the 4th floor of NLIC City Center in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, Big Cinemas gives you an ultimate movie experience. The clean, well managed, well equipped and systematic services provided at the Big Cinemas make your movie experience memorable while in Kathmandu.

Big Cinemas is operated by Triveni group with the assistance of Indian mobile and theatre giant Reliance group. This cinema hall received much popularity within the short time frame. The credit goes to the good and systematic services of the staffs here at the theatre. There are three screens, namely screen 1, screen 2 and screen 3 each consists of 200 to 300 seats. The tickets are priced at Rs 300 with discounts on morning shows every day. Also, a special discount is given on all shows on Wednesday and this day along with the weekends observes maximum number of audiences. The two ticket counters, one in the courtyard of the mall, outside the main building and another in front of the main entrance of the theatre makes it easy and fast to collect tickets. Tickets could be booked by phone as well, however, the booked tickets are cancelled 45 minutes prior to the show if not purchased sooner. The hall screens about five shows per day.

The security at the main entrance does not allow any food or beverage item except for a bottle of water and any snacks you desire are to be purchased in the Cinemas’ snacks and beverage counter. Seven different combos of snacks and drinks are available with the snacks varying from popcorns to nachos to grilled sandwiches, etc. complimented by a glass of Pepsi. The two paying counters make the service faster compared to many halls around Kathmandu. Also, the staffs come inside the hall to take and deliver orders during the interval. The helmets, cameras and stuffs as such are to be stored at the rack cabinet during the show where an attendant hands over a number coupon belonging to the rack your item is kept on.

The genre of the movie varies from romantic to drama to action to thriller and even 3D movies are screened. It gives space to Bollywood, Hollywood and digital Kollywood (Nepali) movies.

All in all, watching movie in the environment provided by the Big Cinemas is an ultimate experience that no one would want to miss. So, book your seats today!