Kagbeni, when wishes come true

The 2008 movie Kagbeni is one of the trend setting movies in the Nepali film industry because of its different

APASAKHA, a Nepali mystery movie

APASAKHA is a directorial venture of Dayaram Dahal. The plot is based on the pre-democratic time and during the time

Radio Nepal- First Nepali Radio

Radio Nepal is the first Nepali radio to be broadcasted in Nepal in the year 2007 BS as a regular

Bubble Tea In KTM

Bubble Tea is a relatively new beverage in Nepal. Originally from Taiwan, the few stores that have started selling these

Here In Nepal – Frozen Yogurt

Where in Nepal can you get yourself a good cup of self-serve frozen yogurt or fro-yo, as it is popularly

Civil Mall – “There is something for everyone”

If you’re looking to shop the latest trends, catch a newly released movie or just chill, look no further than

Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a food lovers paradise. With all the restaurants and cafes around, one is never bound to remain hungry for too

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing is becoming one of the hottest sports to do in Nepal due to the awesome natural rock faces

Oasis Cafe, Kathmandu

The Oasis Café, which is situated at Basundara, Kathmandu, is the café with a capacity of about 100 people. This

Hotel Pokhara Grande, a complete hospitality

Hotel Pokhara Grande is a luxurious five-star hotel situated in the city about 1.5 km walk from Fewa Lake. Since

Rivers in Nepal that offer the best of Rafting

The Western Bend Karnali Most experienced river travelers, who have rafted or kayaked down the Karnali- Nepal’s mightiest river, agree

Bird Watching in Nepal

For a country that boasts of 847 species of birds (about 8% of the world’s total population), no sport can

Honey Hunters by Eric Valli

Director Eric Valli, who is a photographer for National Geographic, is skilled in capturing the most inaccessible places on earth

Bajeko Sekuwa

One of the most popular sekuwa (skewered meat) restaurants in Nepal, Bajeko Sekuwa has become a household name for those

Ways to prepare Chauchau for snack

Chauchau or the instant noodle is one of the most popular snacks in Nepal among school going children to office

Chili Papad

Considered as one of the favorite side dishes, Papad definitely are many people’s favorite. Who would not want to munch

Amala in Nepal

Amala is one of the healthiest and ‘rich with vitamin’ fruits. There are two types of amala in Nepal that

Dumji festival of the Sherpa community

One of the greatest and very special festivals taking place in the Khumbu area during the month of May or

Gudpak, the most popular sweet in Nepal

One of the most popular sweets all over Nepal, Gudpak is not only famous in Nepal but also in many

QFX Central, ultimate movie experience

Thinking about going to a movie? Well, QFX Premium Cinemas gives you ultimate movie experience. Located at the center of