The Village Café

The Village Café, located at Pulchowk next to Laxmi Bank is a small restaurant with the shade of green and

Making Dahibada

Dahibada, the spicy yogurt with lentil fritters is one of the popular snacks in Nepal. It is prepared mostly by

Manbhog for puja

Manbhog is one of the most important food items used in puja for making the religious offering. It is similar

Kafal berry

The red colored berry that grows in the central Himalayas, mostly in Nepal, India and some parts of China, Kafal

The Organic Village Private Limited

For the first time in Nepal, the concept of organic farming has been introduced that goes by the name of

Saigon Pho specializing in Vietnamese cuisine

Saigon Pho, a restaurant specializing in the Vietnamese cuisine offers the varieties of cuisine from the Vietnamese kitchen, known to

Buzz Café

Situated in a quiet place in Baluwatar, the Buzz Café is a pleasant restaurant with open garden welcoming you as

Sweet Khurma

Khurma is a sweet made usually in the Terai areas of Nepal. It is also one of the popular items

Apungo for puja

Apungo is one of the major items used in almost all of the worships and pujas as the holy offering.

Khajuri, Nepali cookies

Khajuri is one of the famous Nepali cookies made especially during the festival of Chhath Parva and even during Tihar.

Coconut and fenugreek laddu

Coconut is one of the most common fruits for making laddus. The grated coconut laddus are famous and popular not

The Venue Restaurant and Bar

The Venue Restaurant and Bar is situated beside the up market Laximpat in Kathmandu. The restaurant is quite different from

Easy snacks of beaten rice

Beaten rice, commonly known as chiura in Nepal is one of the most popular snacks. This free food can be

Making masaura

Masaura or the dehydrated balls of black-lentil paste and minced vegetables is one of the common dried foods used for

Espression Café

Established since November 2011, Espression is a new junction for a friendly and peaceful moment over a cup of coffee

Tarulko tarkari

Tarul or yam is one of the most popular and healthy vegetables consumed in Nepal. Its importance increases during the

Baishnav Paneer

Paneer is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes that are used during special occasions and parties. It is not

Cooking Daal Puri

Daal Puri is a traditional snack, a type of roti or paratha with daal used as fillings. It is one

Making Bagiya

Bagiya is a snack made especially in Terai region of Nepal. This salty item is made of rice flour and

Kwality Food Land

Situated in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kwality Food Land is not so old establishment serving to the taste of the customers for