Ujyaalo 90 Network

Established in 1998 by Communications Corner as its news radio broadcasting division, Ujyaalo 90 Network (UNN) is one of the largest radio networks broadcasting new on various topics like politics, culture, sports, business, environment, education, various events, etc. through Ujyaalo FM 90 MHz in Kathmandu. It also uses satellite and its online website to reach around Nepal, South Asia and the world.

It is Nepal’s largest radio network producing and distributing news and current affairs programs to a network of over 100 FM stations throughout Nepal. It has also gained access to the areas where other mass media print, television and online have only limited reach. Highly qualified professionals manage the technical as well as the production side of the FM and its network. The FM station not only provides news but also trainings to the partner FM stations in order to increase and improve their technical skills and work efficiency.

It aims to bridge the content and technological gap between the policy makers and the people at the grassroots level. In order to reduce the gap and provide quality service to the listeners, it uses variety of technologies like Mobile Broadcast Van (MBV) equipped with KU band satellite data transmission, Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) and tie line technology to network its central content hub with five regional broadcasting and production hubs. It works with the local as well as the regional FM stations of Nepal and is currently working in partnership with more than 100 community and commercial FM stations across the country covering about eighty percent of the geographical area and population of Nepal.

It is one of the most popular radio stations in Nepal with a wide coverage and popular for its quality programs. It provides information and updates on almost every walks of life from politics to education to health to entertainment. Although its head office is located in Kathmandu, it has collaborated with various local and regional FM stations for broadcasting latest news and updates. Head office of the Ujyaalo FM is located in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (behind the Central Zoo). Since its establishment to present, its team of professionals has been working actively and dedicatedly to keep the people informed about the happenings and issues around the country.

The tagline of Ujyaalo 90 Network goes like this, “sidha kura, prasta bichar” meaning ‘straight talk, clear views’. For listening to it online you could go to ujyaaloonline.com which also has a tagline of its own, i.e., “padhdai sunau, sundai padhau” which means ‘listen while you read, read while you listen’.