Tranzit Wood Fire Pizza Restaurant and Bar

Situated at Triveni Marg, Tranzit Wood Fire Pizza Restaurant and Bar has been serving the pizza lovers for more than a year now. The dining area, a balcony seating and a cozy lounge provides enough spaces for the customers to seat while they enjoy their favorite pizzas. Not only the seating space, but the areas also offer beautiful views of the Triveni temple and the street and for the non-smokers, the dining space indoor shall be a better place as it is considered as a no smoking zone.

The specialty of the restaurant is the firewood pizza, which is prepared in traditional way that is by baking it in fire wood oven. In this process, first of all, the pizza crust is baked inside the wood-fire pizza oven and is then taken out for toppings. The tomato sauce consisting of Italian herbs are added to the pizza to give it a distinctive taste and also the large amount of cheese spread over it gives the pizza mushy feel. After the toppings are done, the pizza is taken back to the oven using a long spatula and it is taken out when the color of the crust and the cheese layer turns reddish. Then, it is sprinkled with suitable amount of olive oil that gives wonderful shine to this delicious pizza.

tranzit wood fire pizza restaurant

The restaurant not only serves delicious pizzas of your choices but also lets you ‘make your own pizza’ which allows you to choose four of the toppings from the list as per your liking. There are also various starters and drinks on offer which are good to go before munching on your pizza. Besides pizza, the pizza restaurant also serves other Italian dishes such as pasta and spaghetti. With seventeen years of experience in the field in valley and as well as abroad, the Chef, Giri Raj Bhatta knows his share of making the guests satisfied with his delicious cooking. The restaurant also offers band performances and DJ sessions on Fridays with Sufi Nights and Ladies’ Nights where ladies get complementary drink and a fifteen percent discount on Wednesdays. With the taste of authentic pizza and other Italian dishes along with some interesting events and special discounts, Tranzit Wood Fire Pizza Restaurant and Bar definitely knows how to keep its customers and guests happy and coming for more.