Broadlink Network and Communication Private Limited

One of the prominent internet service providers in Nepal, Broadlink Network and Communication Private Limited, commonly known as Broadlink was established since 2006 and is offering next generation WiFi services (Broadlink WiFi) and Internet Based Telephony service (Broadtel) for home and enterprise customers in Nepal.

The company was established with a vision of powerful Wireless Internet enabled Nepal and is committed to make possible contribution to make it possible. It strives to improve the lives of its customer everyday with innovative services. The company aims to provide and deliver value by going beyond its commitments using trust and transparency. At time when geographical terrains of Nepal has become a major limitation in making internet accessible to thousands of aspiring Nepalese Internet users, Broadlink has come up with the system of WiFi services with various internet package that allow customers to use internet the way they want giving them freedom from the long cables, fiber or slow ADSL services.

broadlink recharge card

The portable Broadlink devices are small and light and have the efficiency of connecting you with not only the Broadlink networks but also the other networks that are in range (acting as a modem). There are two types of devices for providing the WiFi services, one being the normal that costs Rs 2500 while the other known as booster devices that costs Rs 3500. You can also use the antenna service that is provided by the company to enhance your network (signal) strength. This, however, is expensive than the other devices and is not portable as well, as it needs to be fixed at one place.

You get a user name and password (you can change later) as you subscribe the internet services and can log in from any place around Nepal where you have the signal for network coverage. It facilitates the users to move the devices anyplace they like and also allows them to log in from anywhere provided their accounts are active and recharged. This has become one of the major strength of Broadlink in Kathmandu as most of the people here lives in rented rooms or flats and tend to move at some period of time. Hence, when they move from the place they have been staying, they could take their devices and use the internet services as efficiently as they had been using it before (provided the place has the coverage of Broadlink networks) unlike in case of ADSL or other Cable internet where you have to repeat the entire process from beginning and also have the restriction of needing a telephone number (for ADSL users).


Also, the Broadtel Voice Services can be accessed through Soft Phone Dialer, IP Phone and Mobile Dialer and the Customers do not need to purchase separate Internet Connection for it until they are within the range of Broadlink Networks. You can get a recharge card from more than 100 outlets of Broadlink across the country and recharge the service yourself.

For further information, contact:

Broadlink Network and Communication Private Limited

Indreni Heights, Sanepa

Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-5553020/5553021/5553022