Makhanko kheer

Makhan, also known as Makhan Phool is one of the popular dry fruits used during the festival of Tihar to include it in the sagun given to the brothers and also in the holy offerings made to the goddess Laxmi. It is also known as Lotus seeds and is popular item to make pudding for the holy offering to the goddess Laxmi as it is considered as her favorite food item. Especially during the bratas of goddess Laxmi, Makhanko kheer is prepared. It is also popular among the kids and mothers as it is tasty, kids like it and it is light and healthy so the mothers prefer making it as a snack.

It is easy and fast process and does not require much time or ingredients. Here is one of the ways to make it.


 Makhan dana/phool (lotus seed), cashew, coconut, date, cardamom, almond, sugar, ghee or clarified butter and milk.



First of all, take a blender and grind cashew, coconut, date, cardamom and almond into a rough powder.

Now take a pan and heat some milk. Then, heat another pan or kadai and add ghee to it. When the ghee melts and is heated, add the lotus seeds to it and dry fry it. Fry it for few minutes and add the hot milk into it. Cook it on medium heat for few minutes until the lotus seeds turn tender. Then, add some sugar to your taste and mix it thoroughly. Cook it until the sugar melts and the makhan goes tender and soft. When the milk starts to evaporate, add the ground dry fruits powder and mix well. Now take it out of the heat and pour it on the bowl. Your Makhanko kheer is ready to serve, hot or cold, according to your taste and preference.