Nepal Bank Limited

Inaugurated by Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev on Kartik 30, 1994 BS, Nepal Bank Limited is the first bank of Nepal which marked the beginning of the era of formal banking in Nepal. Before the establishment of this bank, the monetary transactions were all carried out by private dealers and trading center.

To provide the service to the people whether they are rich or poor and to contribute to the nation’s development was and has always been the main objective of the bank. It was established during the time when very few people understood and had confidence in the new concept of formal banking which made raising equity shares and mobilization of deposits difficult which is why the bank that floated equity shares worth Rs 2,500,000 could only raise Rs 842,000.

Old Building of Nepal Bank Limited

The corporate vision of the bank is ‘pioneer bank with complete banking solution’ and it has considered NEW as its mission statement. NEW stands for Network of inclusion, Enhancing the value and World class banking services. It believes in increasing its reach all over the country from urban to rural areas and helping in improving the lifestyle of rural population and in turn become the bank of choice of corporate, medium businesses and rural market.

The bank formed under the principle of joint venture between the government and the general public with forty percent shares laying in the hands of the government and sixty with the private sector, has the objectives of focusing on building the positive net worth and meeting minimum capital requirement over the coming five years, focusing on increasing the customer base and market share, maximizing the potential/efficiency of bank’s staff, focusing on minimizing the risk associated with the business, focusing on providing the world class business solutions and focusing on increasing the sustainable profit.

The bank has been providing services through its 175 branches all over the country making it the largest banking network in the country with its reach from the urban area to rural.

For further information, contact:

Nepal Bank Limited

HO – Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 1 4247999 / 4239888