Darpan Chaya by Tulsi Ghimire

A multi-award winning blockbuster movie, Darpan Chaya had made it big on the silver screen. Directed by successful Nepali movie director Tulsi Ghimire, the movie features a love story blooming between three college students. It is a love triangle where two best friends fall in love with the same girl. The movie, being focused on the young generation, it was received so well by the target audience that the movie grossed about NRs70 million breaking the box office record of the romantic movie Kusume Rumal. The movie features Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Uttam Pradhan and Tulsi Ghimire in the lead roles. Also the soundtrack of the movie with music composed by Ranjit Gazmer became hugely popular among the Nepali audience.


It describes the love between the three college students (classmates) that bloom as they come in contact with each other. The two boys, best friends, fall in love with the same girl, as happened in most of the typical romantic movies with two boys and a girl or vice versa. Who the girl falls in love with or who gets the girl should be left out from here so those who are interested could watch the movie and see it for themselves. The movie is good in terms of presentation and also the story, as clichéd as it may sound, is rather interesting with an unusual climax and ending. A little bit of comic scenes here and there in the movie makes the movie fun despite the sentimental and emotional dramas that prevails the second half of the movie.

The movie is a wonderful combination of romance, comedy and emotional scenes and the balance among them makes the movie interesting while you watch. Also, the soundtracks of the movies were popular during the time. Another milestone in the history of Nepali movie by Tusli Ghimire, Darpan Chaya is definitely deserves your time.