Road Station restaurant

Located in the Lazimpat lane opposite to the Standard Chartered Bank is an elegant dining space going by the name of Road Station that aims to be the ‘ultimate food stop’ especially for the corporate crowd. The name of the restaurant was inspired by the concept of a ‘station’ where people wait for buses and trains.

The restaurant managed by Teena Kapali is small in space and has slightly dark mustard plain wallpapers with yellow and mustard barcode style designs on the side and imitate-wood tiles. This proper and prim restaurant has a small lounge area with huge brown sofas and red cushions that can accommodate twelve people while the main space with a small bar can accommodate thirty people.

road station restaurant

The restaurant being a new establishment is in its pilot stage and is still going under experiment before having a fixed menu. It will be decided only after the cuisines have been checked to see if they would work or not. The varieties of cuisine from Indian to continental will be present in the menu (as expected by the clients) along with the fusion cuisine, as an interesting addition to it. Also, it wasn’t an outcome of a strictly planned idea or anything and the owners and founders just went with the flow until they came up with this small yet elegant restaurant.

The restaurant that stays open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm will soon be opened for breakfast as well. The whole place, however, is a smoking zone with the Hookah being offered in the menu. The facilities available at the restaurant include the Wi-Fi services as well as the parking facilities that are made available at the tax office building premises. The place is best known for Chicken Ala Kiev, Buff Seekh Kebab, Road Station Chicken, Grilled Wild Boar, Road Station Vegetarian Set and Crispy Chicken.