Top ten Nepali movies of all time

A movie is said to be successful if it is loved by the audience and also make money. People love movie for its script, presentation and also the actors involved. No matter if the movie is heavy budgeted or not, if the audiences love it and if it makes money, it is said to be successful. Based on the earnings and the love from the audience, the top ten biggest hits of all time are as follows are listed below.

The most successful Nepali movie till present (2012) is considered to be Loot. A directorial debut by Nischal Basnet has earned more than 2 crores and broke all the records of the successful movies so far. It is based on a simple storyline of a poor guy named Haku Kale who has big dreams and to be rich, he plans to rob a bank. The presentation of the movie is good and it is a must see movie for the Nepali movie audience.

Beside this, other top ten biggest hits are listed below.

1. Kusume Rumal

The number one position goes to the musical love story Kusume Rumal directed by Tulsi Ghimire.  It was one of the first movies to celebrate silver jubilee or twenty five days screening at a cinema hall. It was later remade by Uddhav Poudel with different star casts and storyline. It is also considered as one of the best romantic movie in Nepali cinema industry.

2. Balidan

This movie was also directed by Tulsi Ghimire. It was an offbeat movie that was based on the ideals of revolution and democracy.

3. Darpan Chaya

It was a bitter-sweet love triangle that won over the young generations. This movie became the third biggest hit again directed by Tulsi Ghimire. It presented the love story between the college students where two best friends happen to fall in love with the same girl.

4. Chino

Tulsi Ghimire got the recognition of one of the best director of Nepali movies with his movie Chino being the fourth biggest hit of all time. It also celebrated twenty five days of screening at a cinema hall, which was not common back then.

5. Yug Dekhi Yug Samma

The movie directed by Dipak Rayamajhi was a debut by the legendary actor of Nepali cinema, Rajesh Hamal. His acting skills and charms earned him huge fan following making the movie fifth biggest hit of all time.

6. Prem Pinda

It was made out of a historical setting and it had a good earning as well. The movie directed by Yadav Kharel featured Soni Rauniyar and Neer Shah as the lead characters.

7. Thul Dai

The movie Thul Dai featuring Shiva Shrestha and Jal Shah earned a big fan following. Although the plot was not new, its presentation brought the audience to the theatre.

8. Crorepati

This movie was produced by Bhuwan K.C. The story and the presentation of the movie was the reason behind its success.

9. Nata Ragat Ko

The last directorial venture of Prakash Thapa, this movie earned success as well as the best film of the year title in 2008.

10. Parkhi Basen

The last movie in the list is Parkhi Base which is one of the recent films. The filmed not only earned success but also became lucky for the debut actor and actress.