Chamsur-Palungo-Soup ko saag

Chamsur, palungo and soup saag are three different varieties of leaf vegetables that are usually mixed and prepared together in order to complement and enhance the taste of the cuisine. These healthy leaves are seasonal and are found usually at the start of the winter and during this time, the vegetable markets and shops are covered with the bundles of these leaves.

Saag or the leaf vegetable is considered to be good for improving the eye sight and is also good for health. Cooking saag is probably the fastest thing to be cooked in the kitchen, however, getting it ready to cook might take some time. The saag, after bringing them from the market or from your own kitchen garden should be cleaned properly making sure no mud or sand is attached to it. After cleaning it, it is cut or broken into the size that you desire. When this is done, you are ready to start cooking the vegetable which will take less than twenty minutes.


As three different types of leaves are used for this dish, cleaning it might take some time. First break the leaves into two halves as these will be difficult to break after cleaning, unlike mustard greens. Then, you could use a relatively larger bucket with water in it and dip the leaves into it and washing them properly, changing the water thrice or until the sand is removed from it (sand is usually found at the bottom of the bucket while you wash the leaves). Make sure there is not sand remaining in the leaves, else, your entire effort will be useless.

After the cleaning is done, drain the water from the leaves and squeeze them to make sure that the excessive amount of water is drained. Now, heat a pan and add some oil. When the oil is heated, splatter fenugreek, cumin and thyme seeds and let them crackle. After that, add dried red or fresh green chili and after about five seconds, add the leaves into it and stir fry it. Add salt according to your taste and keep cooking until the water evaporates. When done, serve it hot with steamed rice or roti.

You could also cook your chamsur-palungo-soup ko saag in a pressure cooker if you want to cook it like soup. However, make sure to remove it within one whistle and be careful while adding water.