Orchid International College

Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Orchid International College was established in the year 2010 AD by a group of experienced and dedicated academicians, computer engineers, management professionals and reputed software company of Nepal. Established with the aim of providing a high quality education that will enable the students to embrace the challenges of the modern world along with establishing the foundation for a successful future, Orchid International College is focused on providing management and information technology courses to the students. It prioritizes the essentials of capacity building such as experimental and experiential learning, rigorous need based training, practicum and case diagnosis, etc.

The major strength of the educational excellence of the college is its strong network of IT expert, reputed management professionals, collaboration with branded business houses, highly qualified and experienced faculty members and caring administrative staffs. The college that prioritizes students’ learning and achievements attempts to prepare its students as world citizens in the twenty first century. The college encourages the students to be more creative and critical thinkers who learn to develop effective communication and argumentation skills. The students, at Orchid International College, learn to draw new connections, share experiences and become responsible citizens.

orchid international collegeEstablished with the aim of providing excellent educational services to the students with the objective of making them responsible citizens, the college not only focuses on bookish and theoretical knowledge but also gives emphasis to practical knowledge. The college provides well equipped and fully functional computer laboratories to its students so that they could test their theories in the lab and apply practically what they have learned in classrooms.

The college currently offers bachelor’s degrees in two subjects, namely Bachelor of Information Management and B Sc. in Computer Science and Information Technology with affiliation to Tribhuvan University (TU). The college has an extensive library well stocked with all the reference and course materials required for the students to understand the subject matter better and also to spend their leisure gaining knowledge and information. Besides these, Orchid International College also conducts research and development activities, workshops and seminars to help the students develop keen interest and understanding of the subject matter in depth. It has also maintained organizational tie-ups with various organizations and institutions that would be helping it provide quality education to the students. Along with encouraging the students to read and understand their academic materials, the college also encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and cultural programs in order to assist in their overall development.

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