Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal

One of the new adventure sports in Nepal, Ballooning is one of the most exciting way to view beautiful Himalayas and cultural assets of Nepal. Ballooning in the beautiful cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu, etc. has always been fun, however, this sport is also becoming popular in Terai region of Nepal because of the open and safe spaces for flying.

Ballooning gives you an amazing experience of the Himalayan views from a closer distance, while you watch the Himalayas, cool breeze caresses your face and while coming down, the lush green forests and the amazing cultural heritage look inviting.

Hot Air Balloon for Mountain views that lasts for 1 to 2 hours takes you to the mystifying views of ancient temples, monasteries, paddy fields, Himalayas like Ganesh, Langtang, Gauri Shankar and last but not the least, Mount Everest. Rising along with the first rays of the sunlight, floating through the majestic city of Kathmandu, gliding through the ancient village of Bhaktapur and Durbar Square and watching the splendid mountains up close is one of the most exciting ans thrilling experiences of the world.

Safely flying on a wicker basket at an altitude of 3000m you can reach up to the enchanting sights of of Himalayas, feeling the crisp air against your skin, morning sunrise, awe-inspiring landscape, lush green forests, terraced fields, colorful flowers and many more. The golden ray of rising sun touching the white snow clad peaks is one of the most breathtaking sights one could see.

The costs vary according to the time and people flying, i.e. a group tour is less expensive compared to the single flying. For getting one of the best flying experiences in life, ballooning is the best choice compared to others like mountain flights or paragliding because of their limitations. Mountain flights allows you the views of mountains only and the paragliding is found only in Pokhara, however, ballooning provides you not only the views of mountains but also cultural scenarios of Nepal and it could be found in many places in Nepal as well.