Nepal Armed Police Force School

Established in the year 2062 BS, Nepal Armed Police Force School is a non-profit organization with the vision of imparting quality education to the children of APF personnel as well as the civilians. An English medium boarding school, the school strives to provide quality education to the students in a caring and homely environment.

The school was established with the mission of providing an accessible high quality education to enrich the community and the lives of individual learners, engaging students in learning experiences that leads to enhance employability and successful transfer to other educational institutions, developing students who can think critically, communicate effectively and demonstrate global awareness, partnering with communities and serving to support economic vitality and stability through the development of a skilled local workforce and providing educational resources and students services that promote, support and enhance students success.

nepal apf school

The school which encourages the students to discover and expand their inborn qualities is managed by a group of dedicated and self motivated management and teachers who believes in imparting quality education to the students with moral values and character. The school, within the short period of time, has undergone major positive changes and has overcome many challenges gaining achievements which have led to its present popularity. The school that conducts classes from grade four to grade ten was started with the vision of being recognized as a premier institution of higher education, having achieved excellence through innovation, quality instruction, a culture of continuous improvement and learner-centered decision making, promoting highly skilled human resource and advancing the knowledge of self sustainable development, facilitating quality teaching methods that would be followed by others and being understood as an institution that makes a significant difference in the community and the nation.

One of the popular schools in Kathmandu known for its quality education and discipline, Nepal Armed Police Force School situated in Kirtipur aims to expand the welfare service and facilities, facilitate the public contact and development, provide quality education for human excellence through curricular and co-curricular activities in a student friendly environment, inculcate humanity, morality, brotherhoods, spirituality, self discipline and honesty among the students to transform them into responsible citizens capable of shouldering the responsibility of the nation in future and to carry out the teaching learning activities smoothly being uninfluenced and unaffected by any external factor.

The school not only encourages its students to learn (with understanding) their academic courses but also gives them a platform to showcase their talents through the means of extracurricular activities. The fully facilitated school brought its students to appear in the SLC examinations for the first time in the year 2068 BS with distinction. The school is not only known for the quality of the education it imparts to its children but also for the discipline and moral values that it teaches them.

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