Ambe Cement Private Limited

Established in 2004 AD, Ambe Cement Private Limited is situated in Lipani Birta VDC- 6 in Parsa district of Nepal. The plant that started its commercial production since July 2005 has now become one of the leading cement manufacturers of the country that manufactures Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)/ and Portland Pozalana Cement (PPC).

The factory spread over seventy five katha land is situated in Birgunj, a commercial and industrial hub of Nepal. The industry has three plants, each of them with the grinding capacity of close circuit of 300 MT per day, brought from Chandarpur Works, Haryana in India. The first plant started its production since June 2005, second commenced production since June 2006 and the third commenced operation a year later since September 2007. Since then, the total grinding capacity of the factory has grown to six hundred MT per day.

Not only manufacturing but the factory also has fully fledged laboratory with latest testing equipments and other facilities for chemical and physical testing of raw material and cement. Qualified and experienced chemist runs tests on the raw materials and cement to check the quality of the product before using them. The company has received Nepal Standard (NS- 385) for its Portland Pozalana Cement by the BIS authority in Nepal along with receiving ISO 9001:2000) certificate by UKAS Quality Management.

The company was established with the objective of meeting the demands of the customers for quality cement at lower price as most of the cement before the factory’s operation was imported from India. The company is committed to the industrialization of the country, utilization of local resources and giving employment to the local people along with producing quality cement for the satisfaction of the customers and maintaining its reputation.

Ambe Cement Private Limited is the sister company of Ambe Steels Private Limited that is operate by the Ambe Group in Nepal. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the group has been successful to establish itself as one of the leading groups in the field of construction and industries by manufacturing steels, cement, TMT bars, etc.

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