Dhokaima Café

Located inside the complex that also houses Yala Maya Kendra and a host of other organizations, Dhokaima Café is a cozy restaurant with an indoor no-smoking dining area, sunny patio and an engaging Rukhmuni bar (meaning the underneath the tree bar). Rather than sitting indoors it would be more fun sitting outside for lunch while indoors serves well for business meetings or evenings. The uncluttered and properly categorized menu makes it easier for you to look for the dishes you want to have and there is also an additional variety for lunch menu. The evenings are special with attractive bar menu and the various signature cocktails they offer, Nepatini being the best.

dhokaima cafe

Located just beside Patan Dhoka, Dhokaima Café is a good place to drop by for soups and spicy meals during lunch or dinner. There is a variety for the choice of starters as well which ranges from soups to salads. The chicken salad with honey-mustard dressing served here is deep fried battered chicken strips served on top of a lettuce and diced carrots, onions and tomatoes. The semi-sweet dressing and the laudable combination with the chicken and greens is quite rare but a delicious combination. The pineapple bacon roll is served with freshly pickled slices of cucumbers garnished with chopped onions. For the diners, this sweet and salty combo goes perfectly with drinks.

The slow cooked lamb with minimal gravy served with a portion of white or brown rice (according to your desire) and grilled veggies makes for the great khasi ko kawaf and the seasoning is also done in an impressive way. For dinner, shrimp Creole would be a good choice as that mildly spicy Creole is beautifully cooked with the diced tomatoes without gravy and goes very well with the rice. For those who do not want spicy meal, grilled skinless chicken would be a rather good choice in which the chicken breast is served with a luscious portion of wine infused sauce. Also, they have a variety of desserts in their menu and a meal for two without drinks at the Dhokaima Café comes at Rs 2,500.