Grammar Public Higher Secondary School

Located at Setiopi Marga, Koteshwor, Kathmandu-35, Grammar Public Higher Secondary School was established in 1993 by a team of experienced professional and dedicated teachers. Situated at ten minute distance from the Koteshwor Chowk, the school/college is deeply committed to the cause of promoting quality education in the country since its establishment.

Managed under the Grammar Foundation Pvt. Ltd. it aims to contribute to nation building through human resource development by providing quality education, to produce skilled and qualified graduates with analytical skills, creative and innovative thinking, who are capable of leading from the front and to develop Grammar college into a learning and research center as a benchmark of academic exchanges nationally and internationally.

grammar college

It was established with a mission to offer students an excellent educational environment for the enhancement of their learning and to mold students’ all-round personality in caring environment so that they are thoughtful, analytical, inquiring, innovative, proactive and responsible in whatever career they choose.

Going by the motto “Education for Bright Life” with Academic Excellence and Career Development, its major objectives are to provide qualitative practical education, make the students self reliant and competitive in today’s world, produce creative, dynamic, productive, efficient and civilized citizens for the development of the country, prepare suitable candidates for the further higher education nationally and internationally, make them aware of the humanitarian values, cultural and peace process, provide various types of subject knowledge, skill and attitude for their life career, make them more advance of their inner rooted potential talents in their respective areas, make them mentally, physically, emotionally and socially fit in the society and to produce sound and healthy natured and disciplined citizens.

The institution runs a school as well as a college, hence, the program offered here include the school level education from Nursery to grade 10, two years +2 in science, management, humanities and education and three years Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) programs. The +2 programs are affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board while the BBS program is affiliated to Tribhuwan University.

The school/college is fully facilitated with the infrastructures required for imparting quality education and it not only focuses on providing education in classes but also organizes various extracurricular activities to keep the students physically and mentally fit and fresh.

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Grammar Public Higher Secondary School/College

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Kathmandu, Nepal

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