Halwa of raw papaya

Papaya is considered one of the best fruits with high nutritious value and not only the ripe papayas but also the raw papayas. Usually eaten the ripen papayas, only few people know the uses of raw papayas. Raw papayas could be used to make vegetable, stir fried, or a snack in the style of halwa. Halwa of raw papaya is considered good for health and is also highly nutritious snacks for the kids. The process of making it is simple and easy.

The process of making halwa of raw papaya is given below:


Raw papaya, milk, sugar, ghee or clarified butter, cashew, almond, date, coconut, raisin and cardamom.

papaya halwa


First of all, peel the papaya cover and wash it properly. Cut it into halves and grate it using the steel or plastic grating machine. Then, squeeze the water out of papaya and keep it aside.

In a pan, put milk to boil and in another pan, heal some ghee. When the ghee is heated, add the grated papaya and stir fry it. After frying it for some time, add the boiled milk to it and let it cook. Add sugar to your taste and let the mixture cook, stirring it at certain interval of time. Take a grinder and grind cashew, raisin, date, coconut, almond and cardamom into rough powder. Put the powdered dry fruits into the papaya mixture and mix it thoroughly. Remove it from heat after the milk evaporates. Serve your raw papaya halwa hot or cold (depending on your taste) and enjoy.