Karnali Development Bank Limited

Established on Falgun 6, 2060 under Bank Act 2052 BS., Karnali Development Bank Limited has its headquarters at Nepalgunj. The bank was established with the primary mission of establishing, developing, expanding and facilitating the productivity of feasible manufacturing and creating employment so as to uplift the rural and urban economy through agriculture, trade and industry by mobilizing the local human and capital resources.

The bank was established with the major objectives of protecting and promoting the rights of the depositors and share holders while providing qualitative and trustworthy financial services, generating financial instruments through internal and external sources necessary to establish, develop and expand and improve the productivity of the fields of agriculture, industry, services trade and other possible productive businesses and contribute to accelerate the development of industry, trade and agriculture sector of Nepal, employing available skills, labor and capital to facilitate employment generation activities in rural and urban areas of the country by helping to establish, operate, develop, expand and promote different trades and providing the necessary financial instruments, technical and managerial consultancy services, trainings and technology thus working actively towards poverty alleviation and accumulating the capital scattered throughout the nation and promote corporate investment and healthy competition by providing services of financial intermediary.

The bank that was established with the authorized capital of Rs 20 crores, issued capital of Rs 8 crores and paid up capital of Rs 8 crores currently has around 16 branches at Tulsipur, Ghorahi, Lamahi, Bhaluwang, Gadhwa, Kohalpur, Khajura, Baijapur, Gulariya, Sanoshree, Bansgadhi, Bhurigaun, Rajapur, Thakurdwara, Bijauri . Furthermore, to meet the expectations of their rural depositors, Karnali Development Bank Limited is in the process of expanding its branches at different places. To meet its objectives, the bank is working in full compliance as per the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058 and other relevant laws.

The products and services offered by the bank are Fixed Deposit, Installment Deposits and Saving Deposit under deposit scheme and Agricultural Loan, Consumer Loan, Demand Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Education Loan, Deprived Loan, Gold/Silver Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Housing Loan, Industrial Loan, Over-Draft Loan, Personal Loan, Real Estate Loan, Term Loan, Trading Loan, Working Capital under its loan schemes. Besides these, the bank offers services such as ATM cards, Any Bank Banking Services (ABBS), Bank Guarantee, Evening Counter and Remittance. The bank has been providing fast, effective and secure remittance services to its valued customers through co-operation with national and international remittance service providers like Sewa, Delta, IME, Western Union, Himal, Everest, Manakamana, Kumari, Cyrstal, BOK, etc.

For further details, contact:

Karnali Development Bank Limited

Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj, Banke, Nepal
Phone: 081-415040/415074