Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) is a household name for those who look for unconventional films. The festival of movies that has been around for more than a decade now, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival started to bring films from around the world, and since then, it has traveled with the world bringing a selected list of extra ordinary films. This unconventional approach of screening films ensures getting best selections from around the globe which brings life, culture and stories of people and places that are far – flung and of times that are different from one another.

KIMFF screens movies that show all aspects of human lives. Although it features movies from all aspects of life, it is called “Mountain” in the sense of representing Nepal, it is used as a metaphor for the country. Started first in 2002, the film festival was biennial non – competitive event until 2007 when it is turned to an annual event and a competitive one on that.


The festival started a new category called Nepali Panorama to encourage Nepali film – makers, especially those who find it difficult to compete with international standards due to financial and technical reasons. The competition has helped Nepali filmmakers since all these directors had similar working environment and also the Film Development Board of Nepal has separated a cash prize for the best film in this category. This has encouraged the increasing number of entries each year.

KIMFF also organizes Traveling KIMFF each year which chooses its best films from the annual KIMFF and screens it across Nepal in far – flung district. The films that are shown in the festival include the top three winners of the best films category along with the winner of Best Nepali Panorama Award. This traveling Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival is organized to let the people know the type of movie that are different from what they normally watch. Rather than being purely recreational, this event is also educational. An immense opportunity for the people to craft stories that can surely affect millions around the world, KIMFF also screens them in front of an audience who are sure to enjoy it and be inspired. Events like Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival unites people globally by bringing societies around the globe together and inviting film makers to share their ideas and opening up our minds to prospects beyond our imagination.