Microbus in Kathmandu

To move around a big city like Kathmandu, the most convenient and fastest way is boarding a microbus. Microbuses run around almost every lane that could be ridden on in the places in and around Kathmandu. The microbuses in Kathmandu Valley are operated and guided by Microbus Byawasayi Sangh and all of the microbuses (public) are listed under it as it is there umbrella organization that decides on the fares and routes of the microbuses.

Two types of microbuses runs around the valley, one being small blue colored, locally known as nilo-micro (blue micro) and another larger white colored. Blue colored are seen on fewer locations and uses LPG cylinder to run while white ones run on diesel. They use a queue sheet given by their umbrella organization to take turns for running. Usually it starts from 5:30 in the morning to 7:30 or eight in the evening and have a fixed price for covering certain distance (stations) with 47% discounts for the students with ID cards.

microbus in nepal

It reaches to almost every corner of Kathmandu where even the buses or tempos does not. It is one of the fastest ways to travel around the hectic and busy Kathmandu as it neither stops for too long at every station like the buses nor moves slowly like a tempo. The numerous microbuses running about their routes leaves in 5 to 10 minutes gap from one another. Although the microbuses run frequently, there is usually a chance that you might not find a seat for yourself and end up standing inside it, if you board the bus in-between stations. The conductor or the busboy (usually a small boy or a teenager) does not seem to see it full unless the passengers are hanging at the door clutching the upper rods. Even the traffic policeman seems to be immune to this system of filling the passengers inside the buses like they are packing a bottle of pickle. Also, make sure you know the microbus fare for the place you are going to, otherwise you might end up paying more.

However, difficult or hassle it may be to travel on a packed microbus, it surely is an adventure to experience. Also, it is one of the most convenient ways to travel around Kathmandu. Moreover, what’s life if you only sleep on bed of roses?