Miss U, Nepali movie

Miss U is directed by Suresh Darpan Pokharel and casts Namarata Shrestha, Dillip Raymajhi and Barun Rana in the lead roles. The whole story of the movie revolves around the lives of three best friends.

The three best friends Sanjh, Sakshyam and Jasmine probably developed their friendship in some foreign college they attended together where they desired to stay best friends forever. Sanjh falls in love with Jasmine but could not express his feelings towards her. However, Jasmine comes to know about his feelings towards her on an incident in a pub and accepts his love for her. Sanjh comes to Nepal to meet his family in Dashain where Sanjh and Sakshyam get drunk and get physically close which becomes the turning point in the life of the three best friends. What will happen next is the curiosity that may arise in everyone’s mind which could be known only by watching the movie.

miss u

Miss U is a good movie with nice logical story of three friends and the director has done quite impressive work with it avoiding the useless and senseless Bollywood masala. Actors Namrata Shrestha and Dillip Raymajhi have done good job in their acting but Barun Rana‘s performance has not been able to do justice to his character and seems to be unfair with his job. The story and screenplay by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ is appreciable. Songs, too, are quite melodious except a ghazal sung by Baboo Bogati which is quite long and ineffective. The story and dialogues does not go out of context but the director could have generated more onto it to make this movie a big hit.

Miss U is a movie with good and logical story which will be loved by youths specially the fan of Korean movies and serials.