Thakuwa for Chhat puja

Thakuwa is a type of Nepali snack made especially during the Chhat puja for making the religious offering. It is a type of pancake, triangular or circular, made of wheat flour. Unlike most of the other pancakes, Thakuwa can be stored for longer period of time and could be compared to cookies in case of storing.

It is one of the most important cuisines used as an offering during the Chhat puja, and it is prepared in almost every household in Terai during that time. It can be served with tea or munched alone. Preparing Thakuwa might be a lengthy or weary process, but its taste will make you forget all the troubles you went through while preparing it. The process for making it is given below:


Wheat Flour, oil, milk, sugar, grated coconut, cardamom powder, molasses, mouli soop, black pepper and chopped choara (date).

First of all, take a big bowl (as it is better to make it in large quantity rather than making few) and put wheat flour and use milk and molasses to make the dough. Add some sugar (as molasses are sweet, adding less sugar might work), cardamom powder, mouli soop, black pepper and chopped dried date. When the dough is ready, take the machine used for giving it a shape. The machine is a wooden item that is used to give shape and design to Thakuwa. Make small balls out of the dough and place them over the machine one by one and press it so that the balls get the shape.

Take a pan and place it over the stove. Add oil and let it heat. Now, peel it off and put it on the pan to fry. Your Thakuwa is ready. Serve it hot or let it cool off and store it in an airtight box. Do not refrigerate it as that might make it hard like bones.