Multitalented Nabin Poudel

Born in Topgachi in Jhapa district in the year 2043 BS, Nabin Poudel is a multitalented artist. Born to father Mahendra Kumar Poudel and Sita Poudel, he had to struggle a lot to come to the position he is in today.

With a dream of becoming an actor, this singer, director, producer and also a model, ran away from his home in Jhapa and came to Kathmandu because he wanted to meet the famous actors and become one of them but no one was willing to take him there. He had nowhere to go and knew no one in the city so as soon as he landed in Kathmandu, he started working in a hotel in the new bus park. This continued until he started to ride a taxi.

Nabin Poudel

After few years, he directed and produced his first television serial named Chaleko Chalan which came on air every Saturday at 7: 30pm on NTV+ (Nepal Television plus, a subsidiary channel of Nepal Television). After that, he began to run a filmy program in Channel Nepal (a private television channel operated by Spacetime Network) that used to go on air every morning at 9 am. He got his first break into the field of modeling after he got the offer for the male model in a song of Swaroop Raj Acharya this also triggered his interest in singing.

Although he had never thought about going into the field of music as a commercial singer, the encouragement from his friends led him to try his luck and vocal in the area. He then recorded his first song for his first album Pagalpan which is set to release on early 2013. Almost all of the music videos of the album are directed by him apart from one titled Maruda Timilai, which is directed by a well known video editor Kiran Giri which he seems to like a lot.