Nepal Telecom

One of the leading telecom services in Nepal, Nepal Telecom was established in 2032 BS with a vision to remain a dominant player in telecommunication sector in the Country while also extending reliable and cost effective services to all.

In Nepal, Telecommunication Department was established in 2016 BS which was later converted in Telecommunication Development Board in 2026 BS to modernize the telecommunication services and to expand the services during the third five-year plan (2023-2028 BS). And it was only after the enactment of Communications Corporation Act 2028 that it was formally established as fully owned Government Corporation called Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) for the purpose of providing telecommunication services to the people of Nepal. Nepal Telecommunications Corporation was transformed into Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited, a company registered under the companies Act 2053, after twenty nine years. The Doorsanchar Company is the one which is popularly known by its brand name Nepal Telecom.

nepal telecom

Since its inception, the company has been providing quality services to its customers and to achieve its goal, best technologies that meets the interest of its customers has always been selected. Its services reach to the most remote as well as the urban parts of Nepal. It is one of the most important infrastructures required for development.

It is a state-owned incumbent operator that has been the major builder and operator of the national telecom network in Nepal. It held monopoly over all the aspects of telecom in the country until the establishment of United Telecom Ltd. and later Spice Nepal Pvt. Ltd, now known as NCell.

To provide cost effective telecommunication services to every nook and corner of the country is the goal of Nepal Telecom. The services it provides can be broadly classified into four categories that are PSTN service, mobile service, CDMA service and internet and email service.

Although we face difficulties in network coverage of Nepal Telecom mobile phones due to large users and poor transmission and technological qualities, it still is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in the country. Also, the comparatively lower call rates and internet service (GSM mobiles) rates are two of the major reasons that attract the users to Nepal Telecom.