Nepal’s traditional dances

There are many traditional dances in Nepal. They are respect to different cultures ethnicities, traditional backgrounds and communities. Such dances hold a great value in our country which is also accompanied by songs and music. They are a great form of entertainment.

There are two kinds of dance in our country: classical dance and folk dance. Classical dance is based on ancient classics, whereas fold dance is based on folk song and music. Below is the list of some of the examples of folk and classical dance.

  1. Ghatu Nritya

It is a classical dance, popular among the Gurung community. Unmarried 11 to 19 years old girls go to their guru who invokes the goddesses into the performers and they sing mantras.


  1. Deuda Naach

It is a folk dance which originates from the Mid-western and Far-western Region. It is danced forming a circle shoulder to shoulder and by holding hands of the adjacent dancers.


  1. Sorathi Nritya

It is a classical dance of the Gurung community. It is danced in circles by playing madal.


  1. Maruni Nritya

It is a classical dance popular in the eastern hills. It is performed by men in the guise of women.


  1. Devi Nritya

It is a classical dance which continues from Gaijatra to Indrajatra in the Kathmandu Valley, especially in Bhaktapur.


  1. Hanuman Nritya

It is a classical dance where people disguised as Hanuman perform the dance. It is prevalent in Baglung, Syangja and other districts in the region.

  1. Dhan Naach

It is a folk dance in the Limb community which is performed during the harvest season of major crops. They dance holding each other’s hand in circles or in lines by singing the Palam song. It is common among Rais and Limbus.


  1. Chandi Naach

It is a folk dance common in the Rai community. The Chandi song is sung during this dance with Dhol-Jhyamta and is danced during the festival of Undhauli and Ubhauli.


  1. Dandi Naach

It is a folk dance and prevails in the eastern as well as the central Terai. It is performed during Phagu Purnima and danced by hitting two sticks.


  1. Tarware Naach

It is a folk dance of the Gandharvas.


  1. Panchabuddha Nritya

It is a classical dance based on the Buddhist tradition.


  1. Gauna Nritya

It is a folk dance based on Mithila tradition and is very popular in Janakpur region for religious occasions.