Popular Shopping Centers in Kathmandu

The trend of shopping for goods and groceries has recently been changing in Kathmandu. The people have started to shop at the numerous shopping centers rather than going around individual shops and stores. As the people have started to get busy in this fast changing world, the idea of saving time has also made many people opt for shopping centers opened around the various centers of Kathmandu. Also, the fact that these centers house various products under the same roof has attracted many shoppers to them. Some of the most popular shopping centers in Kathmandu are as follows:

Bhat Bhateni Super Market

Situated at various corners of Kathmandu, Bhat Bhateni Super Market has five departmental stores around town. From Kathmandu to Lalitpur, there are all together five stores each at Koteshwor, Chuchepati, Maharajgunj, Bhat Bhateni and Pulchowk. This supermarket is one of the most popular shopping destinations for people who intend to buy groceries, clothing, kitchenware, gifts and other items. With its quality service and products, the supermarket has become successful to earn itself hundreds of loyal customers coming here for shopping every day.



With its outlets at various places around town, Saleways has been catering to the customers for many years now. The place is one of the famous shopping destinations when it comes to buying groceries, especially the imported products. With one outlet at Maharajgunj and another at Lalitpur, the store has earned many regular customers attracted by its quality service and availability of various products.

K.L. Tower

Situated at Chuchepati, Kathmandu, K.L. Tower is a recent establishment which houses grocery store, jewelry store, clothing store, movie theatre and many more under the same roof. The shopping mall opened its doors to the customers in 2012 and since then, it has been successful to make a reputation for itself.

Kathmandu Mall

One of the oldest and first shopping mall in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Mall is famous for wardrobe shopping from shoes to clothes to bags. Although the place does not have grocery store, it is popular among the Kathmanduites for wardrobe shopping. Also, attached to the mall are a couple of restaurants that serves the dietary needs of the shoppers. The mall has a large display screen outside the building which plays advertisement of various Nepali products and trailer of the movie.

Kathmandu Mall

City Center

Within the short period of its establishment, City Center at Kamaladi has been successful to earn itself a reputation in the shopping scenario of Nepal. With a grocery store, clothing and accessories store, gift and electronic shops, movie theatre and food court, the mall is popular among the people of Kathmandu, especially the younger generation who go there for movie and food.

Civil Mall

Civil Mall is another popular shopping destination for clothing and accessories. The mall houses hundreds of shops that cater to the various needs of the customers. It also has a multiplex and food court that attracts large number of shoppers to the mall. The outer part of the mall houses various stalls and ATM lounge for the convenience of the shoppers.

World Trade Center (WTC)

One of the most popular shopping centers in Kathmandu, World Trade Center is situated at Tripureshwor. One of the oldest shopping centers in Kathmandu, it not only houses clothing and accessories stores of various national and international brands but also houses conference hall and meeting rooms along with food court and cafes.

Blue Bird Mall

Situated at Tripureshwor, Blue Bird Mall is another popular shopping destination in Kathmandu. The mall houses various stores selling variety of products of national and international brand. The mall also houses food court and cafes to cater to the dietary needs of the shoppers.

bluebird mall

Sherpa Mall

Situated at the popular shopping hub Durbar Marg, Sherpa Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Kathmandu. The mall not only house clothing stores, jewelry stores, bags and shoes stores but also houses restaurants specializing on continental as well as Indian and Chinese cuisines. One of the largest malls in Kathmandu, the stores here is spread across wide area unlike other malls that are usually multi storied.