Most popular villain Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa, a veteran actor who got popularity with his negative roles in the Nepali industry although he had started his career in 1974 in an Indian movie. This notable actor says that becoming an actor was just by accident when he was offered a part in a movie by Dev Anand, whom he met when covering the coronation in Bhutan as a photo-journalist. Later he joined the Nepali movie industry and since then, he has given us many movies and has made himself a place in hearts of millions of fans.

sunil thapa

After he got the offer from Dev Anand, this former photo-journalist faced the camera for the first time for a movie called Sahid Bahadur (Hindi) in 6 September, 1974. With no formal acting trainings, he believes that he had the talent in him and his hard work and dedication has helped to improve the talent. The man with high hopes always wanted to be at the Oscars and thinking that by doing Nepali movies, he could go to Oscar and represent his country which made him leave behind Indian films and come to Nepali movies. Although there is a huge difference in movie making in India and Nepal, the former being professional and having a huge market, acting, for him, is the same in any part of the world. It was a coincidence that he got role as Rate Kaila in the Nepali movie Chino which made him one of the most popular Nepali villains in the movie industry. One who had been acting since 1981 never gets enough of it and considers acting as an addiction for him which has eventually led him to come to the small screen (television serials) along with the silver screen. He considers his mother, his wife Rajani Subba and his fans as his inspiration behind his success. Although he has and has been working in various movies and has been portrayed as various characters, he is still waiting for that ‘big fish in the pond’. He also runs a talk show on NTV2 called Saturday talk show with Sunil Thapa.

Sunil Thapa is one of those legendary actors in Nepali movie industry who got popularity, not for his positive but his negative roles, one of the most successful villains of Nepali movies, he is as popular in Nepal as Daku Gabbar Singh is in India.