Rara, the biggest lake in Nepal

Rara Lake, locally known as the Rara Taal, is the biggest lake of Nepal situated in the Rara Village Development Committee, Mugu District in western Nepal. Also known as Mahendra Daha, the lake covers the area of 16km2. It lies inside the Rara National Park, the smallest national park in Nepal.

Rara National Park is considered as one of the finest national park of Nepal and it accommodates animals like must deer, red panda, Himalayan black bear, and other species of animals while Danfe (Impeyan Pheasant) – the national bird of Nepal – fly above the beautiful Rara Lake that consist snow trout and other species of fish in it.

Rara is also a wonderful trekking destination offering the glimpse of the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. The lake is only about a three hours walk from an airstrip. The calm lake surrounded by the forest is a natural paradise for the bird watchers. The best time to visit the lake is during the spring and autumn and the magnificent view of the biggest lake of Nepal from the Chuchemara Danda is breathtaking. The best way to reach the place is via Jumla in the Karnali region.

The trekking to the Rara Lake is wonderful experience and the safari on the Rara National Park is an extra delight. Also the river rafting in the Karnali River is an added attraction. A trip to the biggest lake of Nepal is an experience that no one could forget.