Sweet Gojiya

Gojiya is a sweet made during the festival of Tihar during Laxmi Puja. It is more or less similar to mo:mo in terms of its structure (like long pieces of momo) and also is stuffed inside. This sweet contains the stuffing of khuwa and aata (wheat flour) or suji (semolina) covered by the wrapper made of all purpose flour (maida).

This sweet is not only popular among the kids but also among the elders and Gojiya made especially by the Madhesi community is also fast and easy to prepare compared to other sweet. This article discusses on recipe of making Gojiya in your own kitchen:


All purpose flour, khuwa (milk solid), wheat flour or semolina, ghee (clarified butter), cashew, date, coconut, almond, cardamom, sunflower oil for deep frying and water as required.



First of all, take the all purpose flour into a bowl and knead it adding ghee to. When it turns into soft dough (use some water as required), cover it and keep it aside.

In a grinder, put cashew, date, almond, coconut and cardamom and grind it into powder and keep it aside.

Now, in a frying pan, heat some clarified butter and when it is heated, add wheat flour or suji to dry fry it. Keep stir frying it until it turns red in color and after that, put the previously fried khuwa into it. Either make the quantity of khuwan and suji equal or only maintain slight variation. When it is fried enough, add the dry fruits powder into it and mix it thoroughly. Now, remove it from the heat and make small dough balls out of the dough, flatten it into small roti or the shape of momo wrapper and put the khuwa mixture into the wrapper using a spoon. Place it just as the way you do it while making moon and give it the shape of Gojiya. Also a plastic machine is available in the market area of Kathmandu for giving shape to the Gojiyas. When they are ready, heat some oil and deep fry them until the color becomes golden brown, one or two at a time. When done, serve it hot or cold.