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Established in the year 2006, Muktishree Private Limited is promoted and chaired by Ajeya Raj Sumargi who is involved in wide range of business activities from communication to industry to energy to real estate to other development projects. Established with the vision of becoming a leading corporate business house by developing energy, industries, communications, real estate services and contributing effectively towards the economic growth and sustainable development of the country, the company has various industries and businesses under its flagship.

The company established with the mission of developing hydropower, construction materials industries, mining, telephone and cell phone communication, education, real estate and tourism has become successful to institute itself as Muktishree Group of Companies by setting up various ventures and businesses under its flagship brand Muktishree. Some of the companies and industries under the group are Muktishree Telecom, Muktishree Energy Private Co., Muktishree Cement Private Limited, Everest Minerals Products Private Limited, Bindavasani Media Private Limited, Hetauda Lime Industry, Hetauda Academy and Nepal Satellite Telecom Private Limited.

muktishree private limited

Registered in the year 2009, Muktishree Telecom is one of the recent companies involved in the telecommunication sector of the country. Established with the mission of providing their services acting as a bridge to facilitate the service providers and the respective governments in the area of operations in all possible aspects, Muktishree Telecom is committed to quality services to its clients.

Established with the objective of harnessing the huge potential of the country, in producing hydropower, for the economic development of the country in collaboration with the international business associates, Muktishree Energy Private Co. aims to develop alternative energy such as wind, solar and bio-gas in the full extent for the socio-economic development of the country.

With the vision of making Nepal self reliant in cement, Muktishree Private Limited established its cement plant with the production capacity of 1500 MT per day. The company has also acquired one of the premier lime stone and clay deposit areas in Surkhet in the Mid Western region of Nepal.


Established in the year 1997, Everest Minerals Products Private Limited has its plant located at Samari in Hetauda city of Nepal. The industry that produces high quality marbles, stones aggregate and sand of varied sizes has the capacity of producing 250 tons per hour aggregate, 75 TPD chips and 175 tons per day of sand. The company exports eighty five percent of its products to India with remaining fifteen percent being consumed locally. The major crushing plant of the industry is of Taiwan origin with other equipments being imported from India. The factory has also participated in the local development through flood control and tree plantation.

Initiated in the year 1972, Hetauda Lime Industries is located at Hetauda, few kilometers north from the city towards the Tribhuvan Highway. One of the pioneer and oldest mining based industry in the country, Hetauda Lime Industry has its main source of lime at Nibutar Village, situated about 13 km from Hetauda. The plant that has the capacity of producing sixty tons per day powder, thirty tons per day lime aggregate is involved in production of high quality Calcite, Dolomite and Lime Powder, all of which are used as raw materials for manufacturing other products.

Established with the major objective of increasing social awareness for promotion of social status of the people, Bindavasani Media Private Limited is the media venture of Muktishree Group. The company operates the first twenty four hour radio station in Hetauda that goes by the name of Radio Thaha Sanchar 99.6 FM. The FM that covers about five districts in Narayani zone has plans to further its broadcasting services all across the country. The non-profit making organization focused on social welfare broadcasts news, participation of student in education program, business promotion, cultural program, entertainment program, etc.

hetaud academy

The Group is also involved in educational and academic sector of the country through its educational venture Hetauda Eduation Foundation Private Limited which operates Hetauda Academy. A non-profit making organization, the academy was established with the objectives of accomplishing the quality education through competitive, innovative, creative and best applicable academic activities, developing the overall communication skills, speaking, reading, writing and listening via different means of teaching methodology, sharpening the mental and physical personality of the students through the active participation of the students and under specific guidance and training on curricular and extra-curricular activities and unleashing the teachers’ efficiency and creativity through workshops, trainings and seminars.

Established with the objective of making the communication system effective and accessible to each and every one in the country, Nepal Satellite Telecom Private Limited was registered on 01/07/2005 and received its license from Nepal Telecom Authority on 17/02/2008. The company with the vision of becoming a major player in contributing to the economic growth of the country by exploring the benefits of communication services has the mission of providing best quality telecommunication services to each and every Nepalese citizen throughout the country.

Muktishree Group of Companies has been involved in various projects such a Karnali Chisapani Multipurpose Hydropower, Puldumki River Hydropower Project, Lungri (1) River Hydropower Project, Lungri (2) River Hydropower Project, Malagad River Hydropower Project, Luma River Hydropower Project, Badigad River Hydropower Project and Surkhet Cement Project among others.

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