e-Sewa Nepal

The fast growing internet technology not only provides entertainment but also provides various services. We already know about various national and international shopping sites developing fast around the world that has made everything just a ‘click away’.

Yes, everything you want, books to clothes to electronics to tickets, all you need to do is hit a few clicks here and there. Internet has not only brought the world closer by starting the concept of global village, but has also made everything, even shopping and paying bills easier for its users.

In a country like Nepal, where all you find is a long queue standing to pay their bills, wherever and whenever you go, be it at a telephone office, electricity office, schools or banks, there is always a long line of a people waiting for their turns to pay their bills. This sight always turns us off, whenever we go for payment of our bills. It is not only boring to wait for so long but is also time consuming and a total waste of time. But still, you have to wait on those long ever ending lines because you don’t have any other options. Well, not anymore!

E sewa

e-Sewa Nepal is the solution for your trouble. Launched by F1 Soft International, e-Sewa is ‘Nepal’s first online payment gateway’. The users of e-Sewa can perform online transactions for the different services as it provides the facilities of paying and getting paid online.

Established with an aim to help and support e-commerce business, e-Sewa allows payments and money transfers through internet and serves as an electronic alternative to the traditional complicated paper methods such as cheques and money orders.

This easy to use site offers free registration and you don’t even require a bank account. The 201 outlets within and outside Kathmandu are there to assist you if you need any help. You can pay using your mobile or activate auto payments. This technology is as secure as Internet banking and is initiated as an effort to save the users time and money.

The services provided by e-Sewa are as follows:

Nepal Telecom bill payment services: Landline, Postpaid mobile, ADSL internet, CDMA postpaid, NTGSM/CDMA recharge cards.

Air ticketing.

School/College fees payment.

Internet bill payment.

NEA and KUKL bill payments.

Credit card bill payments.

Newspaper subscription with special discount offer.

Payment to different e-commerce site like: mucha.com, netfornepal.com, musicnepal.com and many more services.

For contact:

F1 soft e-Sewa Nepal

GPO-8975, EPC: 2626

Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-4442435, 4424743, 2051158