A catalogue of Nepalese Temples with Erotic Arts and Themes

Erotic depictions were considered as art forms in past. It is only recently that it has been compared to obscene and offensive subject in Nepal. In Nepal, eroticism enjoys religious sanction while in western world it is shrugged off as sacrilegious. Erotic art forms are depicted on the Shaivite temples of Kathmandu valley as well as other temples outside the valley. It is commonly found on the temples of Shiva and Devi and only rarely on Bishnu or Narayan temple.


Jagan Nath Temple (Hanuman Dhoka Temple square)

Nautale Durbar of Basantapur Durbar (Hanuman Dhoka Temple square)

Mahadev Temple(Hanuman Dhoka Temple square)

Temple of Three Goddesses, Thamel (Dakshinkali, Manakamana and Jwalamai).

Laxmeshwar-Mahadev, Teku (Near Pachali Bhairab temple on the bank of Deopatan).

Mahadev Temple, Gyaneshwar (Near the road which leads to Pashupatonath, Deopatan).

Ajima or Shitla Devi temple, Balaju (Inside Balaju garden)

Jaisi Deval Temple, Jaisideval

Bhagawati Temple, Naxal

Mahadev Temple, Gokarna

Dakshin Murti temple, near Pashupatinath (on the way to Guheswari Devi)

Basuki-Narayan Temple, inside Pashupatinath (not open to non-Hindu)

Guheswori temple, near Pashupatinath (not open to non-Hindu)

Indrani temple (on the bank of the Bishnumati near Shobha Bhagawati) towards Swayambhunath

Bijeswari temple (near Sobha Bhagawati towards Swayambhunath on Chetrapathi-Swayambhunath road)

Jalvinayak temple, Chovar, Dakshinkali Marg

Vajra Varahi temple, towards Godawari, Botanical Garden road.

Patan or Lalitpur

Char Narayan or Jagan Narayan temple, near Krishna temple, Mangal Bazar.

Solakhute Rest House, opposite Krishna temple, Mangal Bazar.

Taleju Temple

Bhaktapur or Bhadgaon

Pashupatinath Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Dattatreya temple, near Pujari Math

Café Nyatapola, opposite Nyatapola temple.


Bagh Bhairab temple


Bhimsen temple, Bhimsen tole, Pokhara, Gandaki Zone

Tansen or Palpa

Narayan temple, Narainthan, Palpa, Lumbini Zone.


Manakamana temple, Gorkha, Gandaki Zone.

Gorkha Durbar, Gorkha.

Guest House, Gorkha Durbar, Gorkha.