Bhargav Bikash Bank Limited

Update: The bank was acquired by Shine Development Bank Ltd. in 2019.

One of the regional level development banks of mid western region of Nepal, Bhargav Bikash Bank Limited (BBBL) was established in the year 2064. Established solely with the aim of getting exclusive confidence of Nepalese market by rendering global standards of services through professional and quality management, the bank has been promoted as a dedicated bank with a primary focus in the development of industries, trades, services and agricultures sector in mid western region of the country.

Committed to provide superior banking products and financial services to its customers through efficient and cost-effective service delivery, the bank offers new innovative products and friendly customer service along with maintaining confidentiality, professionalism and good governance. The bank consistently upgrades its processing systems and technological support besides broadening its scope, range and quality of services. Bhargav Bikash Bank Limited believes in continuously offering new and value added services to customers with commitment to quality and value to clients and it has been in the frontline in launching superior products with unique customer friendly features with immense success.

bhargav bank

The bank considers collecting the financial liquidity of the country in the form of deposit to prop up the economic development of the country by investing on the locale like industry, business, agriculture and the other entire possible production sector which are fit in the outlook of business and financial service to its customers as its major mission. It takes serving people and the nation providing products and services through professional and quality management as its major objectives. Besides that, providing standard and reliable financial services to the general public by protecting and promoting the rights and interest of the depositors and shareholders of the bank, bringing about such financial resources, from internal and external sources, as many be required for the establishment, development, expansion and enhancement of capability and productivity of agriculture, industry, trade and other productive business which appears feasible from business viewpoint, and render support for bringing about dynamism in the development of industrial, trade and agricultural sectors of the country, establishing, operating, developing, expanding and promoting manufacturing and employment-oriented business in rural and urban areas by properly utilizing the available skills, labor and capital for providing such financial resources, technical and managerial consultancy service, training and technology as may be required for the same, and be actively engaged in, and thereby render support for, poverty alleviation, providing financial intermediary service through institutional investment by integrating the capital scattered in the country and fair competition.

To fulfill its objectives, the bank has offered various products and services that are Individual Saving Account, Miteri Saving Account, Bhargav Bal Bhavisya, Chelibate Saving Account, Jestha Nagrik Bachat, Bhargav Naulo Bachat, Bhargav Bises Bachat, Remit Bachat Account, Karmachari Bachat, Sharedhani Bachat, Bhargav Lakhapati Bachat Yojana and Normal Call Account under saving and deposit account and Trading Loan, Industrial Loan, Home Loan, Consumer Loan, Agriculture Loan, Service Sector Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Deprived Sector Loan, Education Loan, Fishing Loan, Tourism Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Over Draft Loan, Bhargav Eazy Loan and other loans under its loan schemes. Besides these, it also offers the banking and financial services such as Fixed Deposit, Government/NRB Securities, Bide Bond Gaurantee, Service Charge, Remittance, ATM and Debit cards and Bank Guarantee. The bank with its head office at Surkhet in Nepalgunj has one branch office at Tulsipur and an extension counter at Narayanpur, both in Dang district.

The bank was acquired by ‘Shine Development Bank Limited’ in 2019.